Is it possible to snoop into someone’s Facebook Messenger discreetly?

Facebook is an indispensable part of our everyday life. In today’s life, Facebook defines a lot about us and the way we think, and what all our taste. There are…

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SIM Swapping Hacks: Hacker Group Steals $5 Million

Police arrested a 20-year old college student Joel Ortiz from Boston a few days ago for having been part of a hacker group that was involved in the hacking of…

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Hackers Are Using These 6 Tools To Steal Your Cryptocurrency

In the early July, suspicious action around 2.3 million Bitcoin wallets was discovered, all of which appeared to be full-blown hacks in the making. The attackers utilized malware — known…

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What Happens When Russia Uses A Basic Phishing Scam On The U.S.?

U.S. officials reveal Russian hackers used the most conventional phishing tools while targeting hundreds of U.S. utilities in 2017. These scamming tools tricked hundreds of staffers into revealing passwords with…

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These Are The Top 3 Habits For Companies Hoping To Escape A Hack

Cyber threats are an ongoing concern for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Not only does the loss of data pose a threat, but the damaging effect these hacks can…

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Taiwan’s Elections On High Alert In The Wake Of Political Hack

The Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan (DPP) has reason to be suspicious about the involvement of mainland China, headed by Xi Jinping, in a recent hacking incident on their website on…

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What Happens When Cybercriminals Mess With A Cyanweb Solutions Server?

Australia-based Cyanweb Solutions, the digital marketing and web provider, lost all their customer data, as well as their backup after their server was compromised last week. The company located in…

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Yet Another Equifax Employee Accused Of Insider Trading

On June 18, federal prosecutors slapped yet another former employee of Equifax, Sudhakar Reddy Bonthu, with charges of a data breach, citing the man colluded with insider trading. The charges came just…

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The Surprising Ways Hackers Are Enjoying The Cloud

Are hackers smarter and more creative than cyber guardians? This is becoming the eternal question of the digital age. While we would like to think the protection of customer passwords…

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Why Password-Based Authentication is Not Secure

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) proposed a web authentication standard that aims to replace the traditional password-based authentication with more seamlessly secure and smooth…

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