The reason why Hackers have it easy with Cloud Security will surprise you.

You would imagine that the protection of customer passwords and different credentials is the job description for IT experts, yet as we all know from reports of data breaches, how…

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Why Password-Based Authentication is Not Secure

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) proposed a web authentication standard that aims to replace the traditional password-based authentication with more seamlessly secure and smooth…

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How to Protect Yourself Against IoT Device Hacking

IoT device hacking is now happening on a regular basisInstances of hacking IoT devices are making the news on a regular basis. Attack surfaces, updating, risk assessments and even involving…

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Security Tools and Tips for Journalists

Journalists today face all kinds of digital threats in the course of doing their jobs. All journalists may not be tech-savvy; moreover, even the tech-savvy are being targeted and hit…

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The Best Ethical Hacking Courses for Programmers

Being on the internet is part of our day to day lives today. With the internet becoming so integral a part of our day to day lives, many things have…

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Discussing Wombat Security’s Fourth Annual State of the Phish™ Report

It was rather recently that Wombat Security Technologies, the leading provider of cyber security awareness and training, released its fourth annual State of the Phish™ report. Released in mid-January, the…

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Cyber Attacks Against Colleges Increasing, Colleges Hit as many as 12 Times a Week…

Recent statistics seem to suggest that cyber attacks happening against the colleges are on the rise, with colleges on an average being hit as many as 12 times a week….

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The Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools Of 2018

There are lots of people who’d want to use their Android phone as a hacking device. Many know how to do it and what tool to install, but there are…

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GDPR Phishing Scam That Targets Apple Accounts and Steals Data

Here’s news about a phishing campaign that was targeting Apple users and taking advantage of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies set to go into effect on May…

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Chili’s customers’ payment information compromised

Brinker International, the parent company of Chili’s Grill & Bar, announced a recent data incident this weekend. The restaurant fears that their customer the hacker may have compromised some customers’…

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