Viral Facebook Hoax That Would Make You Think Your Account is Hacked

This is the latest Facebook hoax; you’d get a message from some of your friends saying that they have got another friend request from you and that they had ignored…

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No Signs of Hacking, Apple Tells Congress

Stathakopoulos repeated Apple’s statements to the press that it never found malicious chips or vulnerabilities purposely planted in any server or been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)…

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China Infiltrated Amazon, Apple, U.S. Companies Using Tiny Chip: Report

China reportedly has resorted to secretly inserting tiny surveillance microchips into servers used by many prominent U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple. This, as per reports, could lead to increased…

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Hacker Learn the Hard Way after Spending Whole Day Hacking Pigeoncoin

As ZDNet reports how a hacker who spends an entire day trying to find a vulnerability in the source code of the Pigeoncoin cryptocurrency to steal 235 million PGN tokens…

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Hack the Marine Corps Nets Over $151,000 in Awards

The results of the ‘Hack the Marine Corps’ bug bounty challenge have been announced; over 150 valid vulnerabilities have been uncovered, netting more than $151,000 in awards. It was in…

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3 Things You Should Do After Facebook Hack

A Friday morning press release from our connect-people-at-any-cost friends in Menlo Park detailed a potentially horrifying situation for the billions of people who use the social media service: Their accounts…

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Warning Signs That Tell You Your Smartphone is Getting Hacked

‘Hack ‘is a word that most of us use in connection with computers. We’d rather overlook the fact that the smartphones that we depend on in a much greater manner…

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Hacks of US Department of State email server and Data Stolen

The latest agency to be hacked is the Department of State US government agency. All the data are stolen from the email servers. The hack was reported to employees by…

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MagBO Black Market Hacking Site, Caught Selling 3,000 Website Login Credentials

Flashpoint, a cyber threat research firm has exposed MagBO as a black market site that is used as a central source for unauthorized access to 3,000 hacked websites. The new…

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Japan Hit By Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

Here’s news about yet another cryptocurrency hack that has impacted Japan. Zaif, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange platform has been attacked and hackers have got away with 6.7 billion yen ($60…

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