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Survey Says: Bad PR Due to Data Breach News, Very Bad for Businesses

Companies hate bad PR; many of them hire external PR firms in order to re-engage their respective communities and target markets in order to lessen if not cancel the impact…

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FIFA Preps for Next Wave of Bad Press after New Data Breach

If you’re in the market for juicy football news, you may well be flooded with some scandalous bits as FIFA recently announced that their organization was again a victim of…

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Digital Forensic Tools Availability in the Nutshell

Digital forensics has risen in importance for at least the last two decades, it is the byproduct of the growth of knowledge due to massive Internet penetration in the world….

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Defense Shipbuilder Austal Suffers Cybersecurity Breach

Austal, the Defense shipbuilder based in Western Australia has been hit with a data breach and extortion attempt. The Guardian reports, “Defence shipbuilder Austal’s Australian business has been hit with…

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More Information about July 2018’s Singapore SingHealth Data Breach Revealed

Last July, we have reported the SingHealth Singapore’s massive data breach, in fact, the biggest security breach in the city-state’s history. The investigation continued for a quarter, with a shocking…

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FIFA has acknowledged its computer systems were hacked

This is for the second time the European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, fear they also may have suffered a data breach. In a statement football’s world, governing body said: “We…

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Aftermath of the Data Breach: Cathay Pacific Customers Losing Confidence

Cathay Pacific itself has admitted that their customers’ confidence with the airline suffered a massive blow due to the 9.4 million customer records data breach. The unfortunate customers had their…

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Yahoo to Pay $50M in Damages For the Biggest Ever, Hack

Yahoo’s historic hack finally sees the light of the day. Yahoo has agreed to pay $50 million in damage because of the data breach that hit about 1 billion records,…

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New Phishing Attack That Uses Multiple Replica Sign-In Pages

Hackers today depend on phishing attacks and social engineering like never before; in fact, 9 out of 10 data breaches today start with a phishing scam. Organizations today have stepped…

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Web Hosting Provider Suffers Data Breach Second Time in a Year

The South African department of web hosting provider Hetzner suffers yet another data breach, its second one in the course of a year. In a report dated October 11, 2018,…

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