Data Protection

Data Breach at OnePlus Exposes Personal Information of About 40,000 Customers

Mobile phone manufacturer and vendor OnePlus has been targeted by hackers, leading to a data breach that has exposed customers’ personal information. As per reports, sensitive credit card information of…

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Six Critical Mistakes That Could Lead to Data Security Breaches

There was a time, in a not so remote past, that data breaches would happen to certain selected companies and businesses alone, and wouldn’t in any way impact the layman….

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POS Data Breach Detected at Forever 21 Stores

Forever 21, which has its stores worldwide, has detected a computer data breach that could have happened over a long time, at least eight months. It was on November 14,…

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Fake security apps tracking and harvesting user data on Google Play Store

Nearly 35+ malicious apps in Android were found to be flouting security issues on Google Play store, and harvesting user data, and tracking location. A security company informed how the…

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A Data Breach That Could Have Affected Tallahassee Utility Customers

Latest news is that a data breach that has happened to an outside vendor, a company that served as a payment processor, could have affected lots of utility customers in…

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EU’s New Privacy Regulations is on the Way

Companies need to tighten their seat belt and be ready. The EU is going to introduce a new set of privacy regulation and every non-EU companies should be prepared for…

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Database Server Security in 2018: 10 Key Things to Check

A good amount of key corporate data resides in Database technologies. Apart from customer information they also contain confidential data that can have a definitive effect on a business. However,…

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Revelation Yourself After a Data Breach

Credit card breach and the latest in the long list of the victims has been the Clothing retailer Forever 21. The company has come to know that their data from…

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The Number Of Equifax Breach Victims Increased By 2.5 Million

The latest news related to the Equifax security breach is that the credit reporting agency had initially underestimated the number of affected victims. According to recent findings by Mandiant, 2.5…

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Understanding Business Intelligence and Data Security

Business leaders across the world are enjoying reduced costs, and increased efficiency, which is helping them in a better decision process. The new era of business intelligence strategy has ushered,…

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