Data Protection

The Number Of Equifax Breach Victims Increased By 2.5 Million

The latest news related to the Equifax security breach is that the credit reporting agency had initially underestimated the number of affected victims. According to recent findings by Mandiant, 2.5…

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Understanding Business Intelligence and Data Security

Business leaders across the world are enjoying reduced costs, and increased efficiency, which is helping them in a better decision process. The new era of business intelligence strategy has ushered,…

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Retailers Emphasize on Four Principles of Data Security

Equifax announced, on September 7th, the occurrence of a cybersecurity incident which had potentially affected about 143 million customers in the US. The hackers behind the data breach had accessed…

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Netgear Routers Hijacked for Credential Stuffing Attacks

A highly-skilled hacker has successfully infected Netgear Routers with the RouteX malware and then leveraged the devices to perform credential stuffing attacks. How the Routers were Hijacked CVE-2016-10176 is a…

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Breaching Your Network Can Actually Prove Beneficial!

No, we are not asking you to invite hackers into your organization so that they can make some easy money! What we mean is that breaching your network can prove…

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Massive Personal Data Breach at Equifax

A massive data breach at Equifax has exposed the crucial personal information, including Social Security numbers of at least 143 million customers in the US, UK, and Canada. Equifax, a…

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Poor security and risky apps can be fatal

Fortinet has declared in its most recent Global Threat Landscape Report, which uncovered that poor cybersecurity cleanliness and dangerous application that releases a dangerous virus to take advantage of vulnerability…

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Upgrade Your Encryption-Key Management System

Your encryption keys require the best security. Loss of encryption keys can have grave consequences. But, how do you secure your encryption keys? Do you use an Encryption-Key Spreadsheet or…

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Justin Beiber’s Nude Photos Deleted, Now It’s Another Instagram Attack

Close on the heels of the Instagram hack in which Justin Beiber’s nude photos were posted on Selena Gomez’s Instagram (the photos were deleted soon after), here comes the news…

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Huge Spambot Ensnaring 711 Million Email Accounts Uncovered

A huge spambot that has ensnared as many as 711 million email addresses has been uncovered by a Paris-based security researcher. The researcher, who goes by the pseudonymous handle Benkow,…

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