Corporate Legacy Systems in the Face of Today’s Cybersecurity Dilemma

Companies today are very aware of malware, and they accept that a wrong mistake in their cybersecurity preparations can spell an end to their businesses. There is a school of…

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Smart Security Implementation Will Reduce Cyber Risk

In spite of the cybersecurity business progressing at a promising rate, malware keeps on plaguing businesses. Indeed, it was discovered that the greater part of the data breach has occurred…

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Convicted Anonymous Hacker Raises Big Funds for His Cybersecurity Start-Up

A former member of the hacktivist group Anonymous has made news by raising big funds for his cybersecurity start-up. Adam Bennett, who has founded the cybersecurity start-up Red Piranha, has…

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Twitter Rolls Out Key Cybersecurity Improvement Vs. Hacking

If you own a Twitter account, you are in possession of a high-value commodity in the cybercriminal underworld. Twitter accounts, especially with lots of followers, provide hackers with channels to…

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Your Tesla Model S Could Be Gone in 1.6 Seconds

If you have a Tesla Model S parked in your garage, pay careful attention to this news. A group of cybersecurity researchers from the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC)…

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5 Steps on How to Create Your Own Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cybercriminals design sophisticated attacks on the cloud infrastructure daily. Risk profiles must be created when organizations are adopting containers. The risk profile should contain the types of threats and vulnerabilities…

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Loopholes in Chrome enable Hackers Break Into WiFi Routers

Surecloud, a cybersecurity firm has released a report about a Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi and other Blink-engine based browsers’ unpatched flaw that enables cybercriminals to penetrate the home wifi…

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Bloomberg’s Singapore Tech Summit Discusses Cybersecurity in Detail

The Bloomberg ‘Sooner Than You Think’ technical summit in Singapore discusses all the different aspects of cybersecurity in Singapore. Talking at the ‘Sooner Than You Think’, Janil Puthucheary, senior minister…

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How Enterprises Can Combat Cybersecurity Challenges On The Cloud

This is the age of cloud technology; we depend a lot on the cloud, for computing, for storage, for data analytics, and much more. Enterprises seek to make the most…

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Beef Up Your Cybersecurity, No Second Thoughts Please!

More and more companies today are getting targeted by hackers. Thus, in the current scenario, it becomes really important that companies make themselves secure. Every organization today needs to ensure…

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