Cyber Attacks

11 Signs That We May Be Nearing Another Global Financial Crisis

There have not been so many signs of problems for the global economy in a long time. Analysts sound the alarm about junk bonds; smart money is coming out of…

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Cyberattack Causes Newspaper Printing Disruptions in the U.S

Printing and delivery of major newspapers in the U.S have been disrupted following a cyberattack, according to reports. A Reuters report dated December 30, 2018 states, “A cyber attack caused…

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Insurance vs Cyber Attacks: A Conundrum for SMEs

Of all the sectors of the business community, the SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) are the most vulnerable when it comes to cyber attacks, malware infestation, phishing and security breaches….

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2019 Will Be The Year Of Cyber Attack-As-A-Service

2017 was the year of the Ransomware, the current year 2018 is setting itself up as the year of the cryptojacking malware while ‘cyber attacks for hire’ is said to…

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A Look at Operation ‘DarkVishnya’, The Digital Bank Robbery

Bank robberies are going digital as well, as Kaspersky Labs has revealed the modus operandi dubbed ‘DarkVishnya’, with threat actors using real digital devices covertly attached to banks’ computers to…

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A Cyber Attack Costs Average $10.3 Million, Too Big for SMEs

$10.3 million is a lot of money for a medium-size enterprise, especially for an Asia-Pacific firm. Unfortunately, according to Frost & Sullivan survey, that same amount is only the average…

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Emergency Drills for Cyber Attacks, Promoted in Northern New Zealand

In the real world, emergency response teams regularly perform drills in order to train their staff on how to act in case a real emergency occurs. These drills enable first…

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End of Countries Blaming Each Other of Cyber Espionage?

In our world today, countries are “united” through a world-organ named United Nations, where civilized discussions about conflicts and misunderstandings are raised. But in the cyber world, it is basically…

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The 3 Sectors Most Prone to Cyber Attacks

Just like regular crime, cybercrime follows a simple agenda: to reach its goal. If money, fame or influence is the goal, it will always go back to the central purpose…

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Safety Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Online Shopping

Gearing up for the shopping extravaganza that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have to offer? Well, it’s definitely a great time for shoppers and bargain hunters, people don’t just stomp…

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