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Smartphones today are pocket-sized computers. We use them for web browsing, cash transactions, gaming, official and business correspondences and...

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Android users

There’s a diligent conviction that hackers target only large companies, however, tragically, that is not the situation. Truth be...

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WannaCry Ransomware

Today, another Locky variant is making the news by launching up to 20 million attacks each day. Of all the...

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aIR-Jumper Malware

Cybercriminals can now utilize a malware-infected surveillance camera network to send additional malware or new commands, as well as...

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LockCrypt Ransomware

Ransomware is the most dreaded of all malware; everyone dreads getting infected with ransomware. So just imagine how it...

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cyber attack

Jack Chappell, the student who was behind the Shropshire cyber attack, is all set to be sentenced for world-wide...

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With dangers like a government crackdown and workplace tranquilize testing, clients have a personal stake in keeping their data...

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Home Routers

A highly-skilled hacker has successfully infected Netgear Routers with the RouteX malware and then leveraged the devices to perform...

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Cyber security researchers have recently identified a new malware targeting Android Operating Systems. The malware dubbed Xafecopy Trojan is...

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cybersecurity trends 2018

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), UK has introduced four ‘Active Cyber Defence’ (ACD) programmes aimed at improving basic...

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