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AnubisSyp Malware

AnubisSpy- is a new Android malware that targets Arabic-speaking users in the Middle East. Experts say ‘The malware can...

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Hotmail Phishing Attacks

IRS has issued a warning to taxpayers and tax professionals about a phishing email scam that targets Hotmail users...

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Loapi Malware

A new malware that has the capacity to mine cryptocurrency launched DDoS attacks that after two days of testing...

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Healthcare Data Breaches

Many leading healthcare organizations have been targeted and attacked by cyber criminals in the last few years. One of...

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cyber attack

77 percent of companies worldwide were hit by some kind of the cyber attack during the past year, says...

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Security App

Cisco’s new iOS 11 will give comprehensive protection over network activity to prevent users getting attacked from Ransomware and...

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Mobile Security

Mobile Security is now an integral part of enterprise security. Mobile malware has become a thing to reckon with...

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Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist Overview

Penetration testing is the process of testing a software by trained security experts (aka penetration testers or ethical hackers)...

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Vulnerability in Intel Chip

Intel the giant in chip making is in the news for all the wrong reason. It has been reported...

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Apple had to rush in to make a quick update on serious vulnerabilities in macOS. The vulnerability hole was...

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