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Atlanta Still Recovering Nearly Three Weeks After Cyberattack

Nearly three weeks after a ransomware attack hit Atlanta, recovery is still going on; many areas in the Atlanta...

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NTT Security Warns Organizations About Coin Mining

Security company NTT Security has warned the organizations about malware designed for the cryptocurrency, and how they can be...

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Cyber Attack at U.S. Pipeline Network

A cyber attack that happened at a major U.S. Pipeline network has affected the electronic communication system there. Energy...

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Cryptomining Malware Affects 42 Percent Organizations in February Study Report

The cryptomining malware seems to be evolving as a trend worldwide these days; a recent study reveals that in...

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Best Security Packages for Windows 10

The lab at AV-TEST examined 20 Internet security suites. The agenda of the test involved the categories of protection,...

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Why You Need to Secure Your Mailbox

If you wish to ensure comprehensive advanced phishing threat protection, the very basic thing you have to ensure is...

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Many Organizations Lack Plan to Respond to Incidents

This is crucial information as regards cyber security! Many organizations today lack a plan to respond to cyber security...

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Mac Malware

Most malware, as we know, target Windows systems; the reasons are obvious. The major reason, however, is that Windows...

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New Data Protection Law in May

Come May and the European Union will have a new data protection law, the GDPR, which would seek to...

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Android is Now as Secure as iOS!

David Kleidermacher, Google’s head of security for Android, seems to be stating, without taking names, that Android is now...

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