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The Dangers of Crypto Mining Malware

Cryptocurrency is a digital money you use to make more secure and anonymous online transactions. Cryptocurrency allows you to...

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New US Sanctions Against Russia over Cyberattacks

Fresh sanctions have been imposed by the US Treasury Department on five Russian entities and three individuals. The intelligence...

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Why Password-Based Authentication is Not Secure

FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) proposed a web authentication standard that aims to...

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Google to mark all non HTTP pages as not secure

As we hit the browser day in and day out we have seen how the web security has taken...

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Ransomware is out, Cryptojacking is in

Crypto-currencies became very popular popularity for the last 2 years. The idea of mining virtual money that can be...

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Upcoming Trends in the World of Cybersecurity

With things changing rampantly in the world of cybercrime, things are evolving fast for cybersecurity as well. Cyber-criminals are...

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No Data Compromised in Rhode Island Malware Incident

In the Rhode Island malware incident, which affected several hundreds of systems, no data has been compromised as per...

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Ransomware Attacks Top List of Cyber Insurance Claims for 2017

Ransomware tops in the list of cyber insurance claims that were received by the insurance giant AIG last year....

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Las Vegas, Memphis and Charlotte America's Most Cyber Insecure Cities

Las Vegas, Memphis and Charlotte are the most cyber insecure cities in America, as per a study report released...

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Healthcare Data Security

When you work with smaller centers or large their concern is fundamentally the same when it comes to security...

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