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FIN10 Hacking Group, Canada’s Arch Nemesis In The Field Of Cybersecurity

Since 1999, Google’s name has resonated to mean “don’t be evil”, with the main goal of collecting all the...

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Digital Media Security Against Corporate Cybersecurity Culture

Last Dec 22, 2018, we have reported here in the nastly leak of the European Union COREU network...

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Memory and Swap File Protection Reforms Password Managers Need To Implement

If you are using passwords in multiple Web services etc., if that one-and-only password gets leaked, your entire Internet...

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What’s New With Separ Malware Family in 2019

Various anti-malware vendors are scrambling to fix their products in order to detect the new variant of Separ malware...

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Tougher Legislation Proposed in California For Data Breaches

California proposed legislation if passed, would set stricter guidelines for when companies need to inform customers of a data...

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University of Washington Medicine Mistakenly Exposes Data

Medical files, containing personal data of patients of University of Washington Medicine, were mistakenly exposed following a data error....

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Bad Valentines for Optus, As Sim Activation System Got Hacked

It was a bad Valentines day for Optus, a mainstream telecom firm operating in Australia, as the company’s account...

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617 Million Stolen Accounts For ‘Clearance Sale’ In The DarkWeb

The Dark Web is once again is hosting a ‘clearance sale’ of at least 617 million user credentials, collectively...

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Pen Testing As A Growing Industry For Good Hackers

We often hear it. A Bank X was hacked. Social Media Site Z became a victim of a data...

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AI Analytics Reveals Facebook’s Preferred Employee Traits

The advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has started exposing the true behavior of companies that is impossible to know...

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