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5 Informative Security Podcasts to Listen To

Cyber security is a complex area of security. With technology evolving faster and faster every year, new methods of...

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PGP Encryption How Strong Is PGP Security

Today, privacy is a huge concern for many internet users. With cybercrime on the rise, hackers are victimizing millions...

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What Is DCAP Gartner

A term used by Gartner, DCAP means Data-Centric Audit and Protection. The main goal of DCAP Gartner is to...

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Clipsa, The Multi-talented Crypto Asset Thieving Malware

Here in, we have covered stories about bank trojans on a fairly regular basis. Blackhat hackers are after...

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Data Center Vulnerabilities Can Be Mitigated By Knowledgeable Operators

We have repeatedly reported here in about stories regarding email triggering malware intruding into the internal network and...

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What is Data Exfiltration and How to Prevent

While hacking has a place among many enthusiasts as a test of skill, almost on the level of an...

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Desktop App Security Should Be Treated The Same As Cloud Apps

As more traditional desktop applications are gaining Internet-interface or even the same software available in the cloud, how to...

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Facebook Libra Coins In The Face Of Increasing Opposition

Bitcoin has been in existence for more than a decade now, and its rise to popularity (or unpopularity, depending...

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Public DNS Servers VS ISP-Hosted DNS

Here in, we continue to educate our readers about the importance of DNS in their daily lives. In...

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Does Banning China-made Network Devices Secures The United States?

Remember the Huawei ban that the United States implemented through President Donald Trump’s Executive Order? Well, that order is...

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