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Office 365 DLP Office 365 and Data Loss Prevention

In today’s corporate organizations, working with a remote team is a common. Many companies have global partners and departments...

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ITAR compliance What you need to know about the ITAR

Like many countries, national defense is a top priority for the United States. National defense is such a critical...

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What You Need to Know About Cloud Forensics

Cloud computing has transformed the IT industry because services can now be deployed for a fraction of the time....

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What Is Deep Packet Inspection and How Does It Work

Also known as DPI, deep packet inspection is a kind of packet filtering that evaluates the data and header...

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After hacking, data theft, European Central Bank closes its website

On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) confirmed that the BIRD’s Web site was affected by attackers and downsized...

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New Ransomware Attack – Texas Government agencies become Victim

Still, Ransomware attacks become a problem on local governments, and Texas discovers this first-hand. On the morning of August...

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Blinking Red Light of Death for Cameras

Cameras you can find on street corners, offices, and public spaces can all be used by attackers in one...

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KNOB Security Flaw Exploits All Versions Of Bluetooth Devices

There are times when technology becomes too ubiquitous and too accessible by the public for its own good, it...

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Detecting and Defending Against Phishing Attacks

One of the most persistent security challenges is phishing. This is true for both organizations and individuals. Whether gaining...

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Common Social Engineering Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Organizations from all over the world are experiencing an increase in social engineering attacks, both in number and in...

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