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Chinese Foreign Ministry Denies China’s Alleged Links to Marriott Hotel’s Data Breach Incident

Last Dec 3, 2018, we have reported here in the story about the Marriott Hotel Chain’s Data Breach,...

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New Exploit Kit “Novidade” Targets Home and SOHO Routers

Routers belonging to millions of users in Brazil, and in some other parts of the world too, have been...

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IT Security Procedures You Should Not Forget After Electronic Gadget Shopping

The holiday season for many is also the shopping season. And the most common item to shop for personal...

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Google+ Flaw Hits 52.5M Users, Service to Shut Down Early

A new Google+ bug that has probably hit the accounts of about 52.5 million users has made Google think...

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Hackers Physically Connecting Malicious Devices to Networks

Imagine that you are trying to find the source of an attack. What would you be looking for? You’d...

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Top 4 Bad Habits Web Developers Need To Forget

Web developers today wide elbow room when it comes to developing their sites, as we enter the age of...

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22 Apps in Google Play Store Taken Down Due To Backdoor Downloaders

Google continues its quest to keep Android users safe by actively banning apps they think will harm its users....

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Year-in-Review Cybersecurity Trends of 2018

In less than 30 days, 2018 will end, and what an action-packed year it was in the sector of...

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Kubernetes’ Huge Privilege Escalation Bug Patched,

The Google-made Kubernetes container-orchestration system is heaven sent for container-based applications, used primarily in the enterprise. Released under the...

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Who Will Be Missing Google AlloHangouts

Remember Allo? The used to be Google’s answer to Apple’s iMessage in the area of instant messaging will enter...

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