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Cyber security

Cybersecurity is a very sensitive area, one small mistake and it could lead to grave consequences and big losses....

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Mobile App Store

Android users have been bombarded with thousands of spyware apps. Thankfully, very few of them got through into the...

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Anti-phishing Mechanisms

It was three months ago that Google introduced anti-phishing security checks in Gmail on Android. Now, Google comes out...

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Hacking Security

To defend a hacker, it’s smart to mimic the way the black hat does. Implementing hackers’ logic on your...

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Now comes a case where we see that version control systems are getting affected by malware. It is seen...

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PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a standard to ensure secure card-based transactions and secure...

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Cyber Security Threat Hunters

The internet has brought with it a lot of benefits for us. Unfortunately, it has also introduced us to...

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What is Endpoint Security

Endpoints refer to the various devices which can connect to a network. Like laptop, smartphones, tablets etc. And endpoint...

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How Antivirus Works

Just like soldiers protecting our borders from enemy attacks, antivirus software packages protect our PC(s) from various malware perpetrated...

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Cerber Malware

Cerber malware is a ransomware that can steal Bitcoin wallets. Cyber security researchers had first discovered it in 2016,...

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