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The Marriage Of Two Security Companies Zix Acquires AppRiver

The New Year marriage of two security firms took place, as Zix, an email security consulting firm announced the...

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11 Signs That We May Be Nearing Another Global Financial Crisis

There have not been so many signs of problems for the global economy in a long time. Analysts sound...

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How To Install Kali Linux In Android

Android is known as the Linux kernel-based operating system that took the mobile computing segment by storm since 2008....

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Mozilla disabling support for Adobe Flash Plugin By Default

Adobe’s longtime ugly duckling in their application portfolio, Flash Player, which is scheduled to be discontinued in 2020, is...

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Kent County Community Mental Health Hit By Phishing Attack

Since late October of 2018, Kent County Community Mental Health Authority is being attacked by a massive number of...

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Federal Websites Shutdown Due to Expired Security certificates

The public in the United States will no longer be able to access several Federal websites due to their...

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Extortion Emails with Bomb Threats Cause Panic in US Cities

Late last year, we have featured here in the story about Marriot International Hotel chain data breach and...

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The €97,000 Fraudulent Bank Transfer From A Dublin Law Firm

A law firm in Dublin, Ireland is responsible for the electronic transfer of €97,000 to a group of cybercriminals...

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Firewall Review-A Deep Dive With Diverse Types Of Firewall

A software firewall used to be a unique feature for a device that only advanced users install to their...

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In less than four months, the Israel Legislative election will be held and the incumbent Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu...

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