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The Future of Web Filtering in the Era of 5G Networks

Security professionals and network administrators today are concerned with securing fifth-generation (5G) networks from digital dangers. Of the different...

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A Brief Look At The Shade Ransomware (2019 variant)

2019 is shaping up as a year when ransomware infection frequency declined by orders of magnitude, compared to the...

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Banking Trojan Infections Dominated In Q1 2019 - Hacker Combat

Kaspersky Lab, the research arm of Kaspersky, an antivirus vendor has revealed that the first quarter of 2019 saw...

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GetCrypt Ransomware Encrypts Files, Brute Forces Credentials

Here’s a new ransomware that not only encrypts files and programs on a computer, but attempts to brute force...

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Why You Need to be Careful About the BlueKeep Vulnerability

WannaCry, the ransomware that struck in 2017, shook the very foundations of thousands of businesses worldwide. The NotPetya attack...

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Six Best CRM Software for Business for 2019

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps easily manage prospects, leads and customers for any business. By using CRM software,...

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ITIL Service Operation Processes A Brief Introduction

The ITIL Service Operation (SO), which is one of the five core publications that form part of the ITIL...

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Criminals Hack Forum Used for Trading Stolen Credentials

This is really interesting- a popular online forum that hackers have been using to trade stolen credentials has been...

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Ireland And Its Evolving Cybersecurity Issues

Ireland in 2018 experienced a huge decline of malware infection, most especially the lesser cases of ransomware compared to...

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Law Enforcement Operation Dismantles GozNym Banking Malware

An international law enforcement operation has led to the dismantling of the global cybercrime networkcybercrime network that used the...

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