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Google’s researcher Travis Ormandy is after the Microsoft for finding out many anomalies and vulnerability in the Microsoft products...

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Cyber Attacks

In the year of 2010, there was an agreement that took place between Microsoft and NHS to give Microsoft...

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Cyber security is becoming a pressing issue. Today, most of the transaction between a customer and the company happens...

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UK Security

Prime Minister Theresa May announced that UK has lowered its security threat level. They have done it from “critical”...

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Ransomware Attack

The latest global “ransomware” has disrupted hospitals, factories, and schools. It has given an incentive to the European investors...

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cyber crime

Not only citizens and corporates are the victims of the cyber crime, it has come to the light that...

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UK cyber security

Panaseer is a new UK cyber security start up that has raised £2.5m lately after the WannaCry lifting their...

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HandBrake Malware

It’s been a tough week for Mac security. To begin with, Checkpoint cautioned users of a Trojan, and that...

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Just weeks after the WannaCry ransomware attacked millions of computers worldwide, another similar malware has appeared. Named EternalRocks, this...

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Major ransomware outbreak using NSA exploit impacts UK's NHS and other organizations...

A major ransomware attack, referenced under various names, like WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r, WannaCrypt, or Wana Decryptor, has impacted various organizations...

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