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Mac Malware

Two new strains of Mac malware are making the rounds, as per recent reports. They are being offered through...

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It has been almost a week since the NotPetya malware outbreak has happened. The malware, which hit Ukraine and...

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EU Slapped Google with Largest antitrust penalty

The search engine giant Google suffered a major blow after European Commission found them in unfair trade practice. On...

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On Tuesday, a ransomware called “Petya” or “Petrwrap” struck organizations and companies across the world in a series of...

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Virtual reality

In the past, we thought of technology addiction as something caused only by chemical substances—nicotine, cocaine, heroin, etc. Today, we...

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vulnerable attack

Researchers discovered yet another IoT botnet. Researchers at Trend Micro found that 120,000 Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are vulnerable to attack....

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Reusing passwords

A recent report from risk management firm Digital Shadows revealed that cyber criminals extensively use stolen passwords and other credentials...

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ETF Cyber Attack

There was attack this weekend and it lead to gaining on speculation on Monday. Companies such as FireEye Inc....

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Wannacry like threat

Researches have found out that the Samba vulnerability is becoming a new threat to the Linux and Unix systems....

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Data Security

Cyber Security Law (CSL) might make foreign companies to do business in China. This has come into the notice...

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