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Ransomware strikes are on the rise, all over the world. Today, even laymen know what ransomware is. That ransomware...

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Security Tools and Tips for Journalists

Journalists today face all kinds of digital threats in the course of doing their jobs. All journalists may not...

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GDPR Will Weaken Cryptocurrency Crime Investigation Initiative

The new General Data Protection Regulation by the European Union, which took effect on 25th May 2018, will have a negative...

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The Best Ethical Hacking Courses for Programmers

Being on the internet is part of our day to day lives today. With the internet becoming so integral...

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An Embattled Kaspersky is Moving its Office from Russia to Zurich

Kaspersky is battling against the allegations that it has connections to the Russian government and that dealing with their...

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Need for Data Security Recognised in Indian Healthcare

The healthcare sector in India, as per reports, accords great importance to data protection; at the same time, there...

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How to Scan Computer for Malware with Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now one among the best and most popular of browsers that we use. One factor that...

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How to Protect your Computer from Spectre and Meltdown Attacks

Spectre and meltdown attacks are two cyber threat vulnerabilities that can expose data in every computer device that requires...

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Ad Blocker From Chrome Store was a Malicious Hack

Watch closely the below Ad-blocker extension, and if by any chance you have installed in your Google Chrome browser,...

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Cyber Criminals Increasingly Targeting the Supply Chain to Exploit Business Data

Last year, we saw an increase in the trend to target cyber attacks, including ransomware attacks, at the supply...

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