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Malicious Torrent GoBotKR Targets South Korean TV

ESET researchers detected an ongoing malicious campaign by distributing backdoor torrents, using Korean TV content, and sometimes games like...

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Digital Transformation and Implementation of Information Security

Security has been a major concern for everyone recently, especially for companies that use technology as the main component...

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2018 British Airways Breach: £183-Million Fine Imposed

British Airways is now in hot water, as they are facing a £183-million fine in order to compensate the...

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Beware of Fake Samsung Firmware Update App

Are you a Samsung smartphone user? Then this news item is for you; we recommend to only accept official...

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Understanding the Difference of Multi-tenant SaaS

Why would you consider using a multi-tenant SaaS? What are its advantages? In the earlier days of the cloud,...

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What is Data Exfiltration and How to Prevent

Defining Data Exfiltration Also referred to as data theft or exportation, data exfiltration is when an unauthorized transfer of...

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Quick Look At GoScan Linux Server Cryptomining Malware

The words “Linux” and “cryptojacking” are the two words we usually do not see in the same sentence. But...

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The Biggest Data Breach

There were many data breach 2016. It seemed like there was a new one in the news every other...

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Overview Of Vulnerability Management

As we discuss more and more stories about vulnerabilities everyday here in, we need to empower you –...

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Email Remains The Biggest Vulnerability

Ever since email came into existence in the 1990s and the high level of awareness of the risks involved,...

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