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Polymorphic Refers to a Malware’s Ability to Change

When it comes to malicious programs, polymorphic refers to a malware’s ability to change itself and its identifiable features...

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Why Companies Need Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection, also known as endpoint security, is a security solution that addresses malicious cyber-attacks from endpoint devices, such...

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Understanding What Is Malware Analysis

What is malware analysis? This is the process involved in studying and learning how a particular malware works and...

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Zero-Day Security Flaw Since Windows 98, Exposed By Google

A two-decades old security flaw in Windows and Office involving the Text Services Framework module named MSCTF has been...

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Canon DSLR Camera, The “Unlikely Likely” Candidate For Ransomware Infection

We are covering ransomware and the latest “innovations” to improve it at the expense of the poor victims since...

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API Security, Developers And Users Responsibility

The world of software development today is flooded by APIs (Application Programming Interface). We can think of whatever web...

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Data Loss Prevention How to Prevent Your Data From Disappearing

Data loss is one of the biggest security concerns of companies, especially those that handle sensitive data like bank...

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IoT-capable Printers Becoming Unofficial Gateways For Cyber Attacks

The printer started as a simple device for printing on paper, providing users with a physical copy of their...

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Security Issues Related to Using Cloud Based Management Tools

There are six security issues related to using cloud based management tools that organizations need to be aware of...

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Twitter Bug Exposes User Information To 3rd Party Advert Providers

Micro-blogging site Twitter has disclosed that some of their advert partners are abusing a bug in their system that...

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