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Instagram Influencer's Account Information Exposed

The life of Instagram Influencers goes public. An exposed database seems to have been added to the information available...

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Six Best Password Managers for Online Protection

We at HackerCombat have always been emphasizing on the importance of passwords and password management in cybersecurity. At a...

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First Cyber Attack Took Place

WannaCry, a malicious computer virus that encrypts data and demands ransom, hit thousands of computers across the world, causing...

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Fraudulently Acquired IPv4 Addresses Revoked by ARIN

The US Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd. (ARIN) won a legal case, against multi-year program designed to deceive the...

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Simple Mitigation Tips For Securing Android E-Readers

Android e-readers are not taking any headlines when manufacturers are announcing their products. However, the e-ink based Android tablets...

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Our Long Collective Struggle To Secure Enterprise Email

Email is the oldest service on the Internet, launched in the 1970’s, it is older than the WWW or...

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WhatsApp Will Never be Safe, Says Telegram Founder

In a direct attack on WhatsApp, Telegram founder Pavel Durov has stated that the Facebook-owned WhatsApp would never be...

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Stack Overflow's Production Systems Accessed by Hackers

In a brief announcement yesterday, Stack Overflow reports that it was the target of an attack that led hackers...

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The Six Most Effective Email Spam Blocker Tips

Email, as we know, is always susceptible to spam. Anyone using email would have to face spam almost on...

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IT Service Management

It is true that many business departments have introduced various cloud services that realize advanced IT and those do...

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