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Vetting of Artificial Intelligence’s Future Use

The machine learning artificial intelligence of today is a big proof of the persistence of the 1965’s Moore’s Law....

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The Impact of Cryptocurrency Attacks on Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have recently emerged to popularity are backed by the security of its founding technology...

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The Screwed Reporting and Presentation of Cybersecurity News Is Harmful

Western tradition media continues to fail how to deliver cybersecurity news. They deliver them the same way as other...

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UK and Dutch Regulators Fined Uber for $1.1 Million over 2016 Data Breach

As reported in Hacker news, British and Dutch data protection regulators Tuesday hit the ride-sharing company Uber with a...

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More Malvertising Attacks Vs iOS Devices, Due to Limited Adblocking Options

Apple’s iOS platform has been touted as a better mobile OS than Android in the standpoint of security. However,...

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Emergency Drills for Cyber Attacks, Promoted in Northern New Zealand

In the real world, emergency response teams regularly perform drills in order to train their staff on how to...

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Holiday Season Cybercriminals are Phishing All The Way

In this coming holiday seasons, while many get busy with shopping for their loved ones, threat actors are busy...

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Russia Plans To tighten Data Protection Owing To Intelligence Leaks

Aimed at preventing leaks of personal information from state agencies, Russia has drawn up a bill, a move that...

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Valdez City, Alaska, the Newest Victim of Ransomware to Pay for Decryption

The massive change of malware trends happened last year when WannaCry of 2017 figuratively took the IT world to...

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New Zealand-based Companies At Risks, Not Ready for CyberSecurity Challenges

HP New Zealand IT Security has publicly revealed that 45% of New Zealand’s companies are not ready to face...

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