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Google Encrypted Cloud Backup for Android 9.0 Pie Publicly Released

Android has a cloud backup of its apps and settings for quite a while, connecting to the Google servers...

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Pentagon Employee Data Breach, An Eye-Opener

Pentagon, the center of defense of the world’s only superpower: The United States of America embarrassingly admitted that the...

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DDoS Attacks Hit Games Like Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy XIV

Cybercriminals have unleashed a set of DDoS attacks on some prominent gaming companies, including the creators Assassin’s Creed and...

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Web Hosting Provider Suffers Data Breach Second Time in a Year

The South African department of web hosting provider Hetzner suffers yet another data breach, its second one in the...

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Mindbody’s FitMetrix leaked millions of Users’ Personal Details

FitMetrix the performance tracking company owned by Mindbody- exposed millions of user data due to two unprotected servers. According...

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Google’s New Policies Limit Third-Party App Access to User Data

Seems like Google is determined to make it all hard for those many people who rely on customers’ data...

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Scamming Spam Emails

IBM’s X-Force Cybersecurity team has published a lengthy discussion about the notorious botnet named Necurs, which is expanding its...

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Startup Firms at the Age of Growing Cybercrimes

At the turn of the new century, 2000 AD, the dependence of people and companies with technology has been...

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Old-School Malware Tricks Still Work

“The oldest trick in the book is pulling the head off a dead goose and then restoring it” —...

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South Korea’s Cryptocurrency Responsibility

The Blockchain technology is a proven secure system, but that doesn’t mean that engaging with cryptocurrency transaction is safe...

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