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Microsoft Fixes Actively Used Zero-Day Bug Once Again

In its Patch Tuesday updates for December, Microsoft has once again fixed, for the fourth month in a row,...

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New Paypal Trojan Detected In A Battery Saver App

Since 2008, Google has been warning the public to only source their apps from the official Google Play Store...

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GandCrab Ransomware Sextortion Campaign Targets Thousands

A sextortion attack campaign involving the GandCrab ransomware has been targeting thousands across the U.S. Reports say that an...

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2018 In-Review: Ransomware Bites Less, But Still A Malware To Recon With

The threat of Ransomware is becoming lesser this year 2018 compared to last year, as virus authors focused their...

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2018 Is A Better Year For Customer Data Privacy Due To GDPR

2018 can be summarized as the year when strict implementation of customer data protection policies was felt by the...

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Ten Best Network Scanning Tools for Network Security

Network security, in today’s world, needs no introduction or explanation. We all know that the term network security refers...

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The Dependability of VPN Protocols In the Nutshell

VPN is an example of providing a controlled connectivity over a public network such in coffee shops and airports....

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77% of Multinational Firms Are Not Ready To Get Hacked, Says IBM

IBM with the partnership with Ponemon Institute has released their latest survey regarding the readiness of companies to cybersecurity...

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Key Expectations From A Top Software Developer

Obviously, the demands with regard to a specific software product vary a lot depending on the client and his...

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Hacking Group Uses Chrome Extension, Targets Academic Sector

A hacking group, suspected to be from North Korea, uses a Google Chrome extension to target victims in the...

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