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What Is Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection, or ATP, is a type of security solution specifically designed to defend a network or system...

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Security as a Service Why Apply for SECaaS

In today’s corporate environment, businesses and organizations rely heavily on services. This is especially true for their IT department,...

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What Does GDPR Mean for Your Organization

GDPR ,or the General Data Prevention Regulation, is a new law that has been enforced by the European Union...

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The Five Incident Response Steps

It is important to remember that implementing incident response steps is a process and not an isolated event. For...

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Defining and Understanding User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

User and Entity Behavior Analytics, or UEBA for short, provides you with a comprehensive solution for IT security while...

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The Principle of Least Privilege, or POLP, is the idea that any user, program, or even process should only...

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Why Is a Data Classification Policy Absolutely Important

Today, data is a valuable commodity. Without it, company executives cannot make well-informed decisions, marketers won’t understand their market’s...

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Building Your Incident Response Team

In order for an organization to properly respond to a breach or incident, they need to have a proper...

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Hostinger Resets User Passwords after data breach

Hostinger web hosting provider resets all customer passwords during the weekend, after learning that an attacker has unauthorized access...

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Healthcare Information Security How to Protect Patient Data

In today’s information-centric environment, healthcare providers are one of the biggest targets for sensitive personal information. Ransomware and data...

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