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Email security_ What and why encrypted email is important

Millions of messages get sent over the internet daily. Many of these messages are casual conversations between friends. But some contain sensitive information that is then sent through unsecured, not…

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3 Cases Against Google, Settled Out-of-Court

Google, together with its parent company Alphabet is one of the richest companies with the deepest pockets in existence today (maybe only slightly shallower than Apple’s). With a huge war…

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What is Network Security and its Types

What is network security – it is one of the frequently asked questions in the IT world! Network Security here refers to the computer network. A network as such is…

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Everyday Mistakes In A Firm That Promotes IT Risks

Everyday, we feature here in stories of failures of various organizations. One way or another, these companies may deny that they are fully responsible for the hacking incidents, but…

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Australia’s TGA Medical Devices Cybersecurity Guidelines

Technology came a long way, to a point that medical equipment can now get hacked. has for years featured stories about hacked medical equipment, all things considered, it is…

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Edge Computing: What Is It And Its Relation To IoT?

When the Internet protocol was conceived by the team of Vint Cerf in the ‘70s, they have decided that the Arpanet (the first name of the Internet) will never exceed…

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Fundamental Actions Regarding Ransomware

Ransomware is a category of malware that brings trouble to users by locking files by an industry-standard encryption protocol (usually AES – Advanced Encryption Standard), and asking them to pay…

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9 Alternative Search Engines Only Advanced Users Know

It is said by many regular folks in the Internet, “If you are not in Google, you don’t exist.” Though this may have resemblance of being factual, as the majority…

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Kazakhstan Government Filtering Civilian Internet Browsing

North Korea, China, and Iran, just three countries that we can easily remember as having government regimes that seriously censor the Internet. These territories implement state-level Internet traffic filtering that…

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36TB Data Breach The Culprit, Lenovo’s Obsolete Iomega NAS

The probability that Lenovo has earned the infamous record for becoming a subject of the world’s biggest data breach in history is shaping-up fast. The culprit? The still online legacy…

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