What Went Wrong? The €97,000 Fraudulent Bank Transfer From A Dublin Law Firm

A law firm in Dublin, Ireland is responsible for the electronic transfer of €97,000 to a group of cybercriminals as part of a bank transfer fraud, as disclosed by a…

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Sonic Drive-In Suffers Massive Data Breach Impacted Millions

A massive data breach at the Sonic Drive-In fast-food chain could reportedly have affected millions of customers, compromising sensitive personal data like credit and debit card details. It was Brian…

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Russian Hackers Exploits Google Flaw To Attack Journalists

Reports say that a team of Russian hackers has been exploiting a Google flaw to launch attacks on investigative journalists. This security flaw in a Google service was reportedly known…

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Cyber Criminals Will Attack Critical IT Infrastructure

A survey of top cyber security professionals reveals that they fear a massive cyberattack on U.S. critical infrastructure. And many believe that this massive attack is not far away. They…

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Another IoT botnet found waiting to attack vulnerable IP cameras

Researchers discovered yet another IoT botnet. Researchers at Trend Micro found that 120,000 Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are vulnerable to attack. IP cameras use the internet to transmit footage, and therefore are most…

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Cyber-crime is a major threat in the financial crimes

The new technical advancements in the new generation benefit the consumers in several ways, but it also causes an equal amount of damages. And the banks have reported that the…

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Follow these 5 steps to improve App security

People are introduced to different types of application and it is now the responsibility of the companies to protect these applications along with the user data. Because the network system…

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Reusing passwords can be a major security risk

A recent report from risk management firm Digital Shadows revealed that cyber criminals extensively use stolen passwords and other credentials to access various platforms and websites. Their report “Protect Your Customer and…

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The Security 2.0 Has Visibility As Key In Long-Term Protection

The conditions for cyber security threat are constantly changing. security-industry CEO has said that business leverage has improved visibility, machine learning and policy makers should carry out ‘Security 2.0’ frameworks…

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Cyberattack locked more than 200,000 systems across the globe

In the world, users became a victim of the ransomware that asked to pay the ransom to unlock their data on the computer. Until Friday, 200000 users were severely hit…

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