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Difference between Virus, Malware,Spyware, Adware  

Mick J
New Member

I recently got my PC infected. When i approached my friends their reply was something which put me in confusion. Some say PC is infected with virus, some say malware, some say bcoz of adware, etc. Whats the difference between all these?

Posted : January 29, 2018 1:02 pm
Active Member

"Virus is a part of Malware. It is a contagious piece of code that infects the other software on the host system and spreads itself once it is run.
Malware as a whole includes viruses along with other types of software such as trojan horses, worms, spyware, and adware.
Spyware is a type of malicious software that spies on you and tracks your internet activities.
Adware is also known as advertising-supported software which spreads malware through Ads.

Posted : January 30, 2018 5:50 pm
Mick R
New Member

Spyware is software that monitors your computer and reveals collected information to an interested party.

Adware is a software that automatically displays advertisement such as banners or pop-ups when a user is online.

Virus is a program code that attaches itself to a program or file and infects other computers through that file. Malware is a program used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive data or gain access to private systems.

Posted : February 1, 2018 8:30 am
Jenkins H
Active Member

Virus, malware, spyware, adware. All the attacks are interconnected with one another with an aim to attack the user. So there is not must difference between each other.

Posted : February 1, 2018 7:35 pm
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