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New Ransomware Attack – Texas Government agencies become Victim

Still, Ransomware attacks become a problem on local governments, and Texas discovers this first-hand. On the morning of August 16, 23 government entities reported a ransomware attack. Most were “smaller…

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Polymorphic Refers to a Malware’s Ability to Change

When it comes to malicious programs, polymorphic refers to a malware’s ability to change itself and its identifiable features in order to avoid detection. Many types of malware can take…

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Why Companies Need Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection, also known as endpoint security, is a security solution that addresses malicious cyber-attacks from endpoint devices, such as zero-day exploits, inadvertent data leaks that result from human error,…

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Blinking Red Light of Death for Cameras

Cameras you can find on street corners, offices, and public spaces can all be used by attackers in one way or another in order to steal sensitive information. Researchers from…

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Understanding What Is Malware Analysis

What is malware analysis? This is the process involved in studying and learning how a particular malware works and what it can do. Their code can differ radically from one…

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KNOB Security Flaw Exploits All Versions Of Bluetooth Devices

There are times when technology becomes too ubiquitous and too accessible by the public for its own good, it becomes a favorite target of cybercriminals. Discovery of vulnerability by security…

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Detecting and Defending Against Phishing Attacks

One of the most persistent security challenges is phishing. This is true for both organizations and individuals. Whether gaining access to credit card information, security passwords, or any other sensitive…

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Zero-Day Security Flaw Since Windows 98, Exposed By Google

A two-decades old security flaw in Windows and Office involving the Text Services Framework module named MSCTF has been publicly disclosed by Google’s Project Zero team. Initially, it was first…

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Common Social Engineering Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Organizations from all over the world are experiencing an increase in social engineering attacks, both in number and in sophistication. Hackers are devising more clever methods of fooling individuals or…

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Canon DSLR Camera, The “Unlikely Likely” Candidate For Ransomware Infection

We are covering ransomware and the latest “innovations” to improve it at the expense of the poor victims since 2017. They are always on top of their game in order…

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